Mach3 Pendant Controller

So I ordered the 4 axis pendant controller for my Crossfire and it didn’t control much other than X and Y after setting the hotkeys. Started searching around and found a few videos and then I found CNCnutz’s video and blog page. He shows you how to set up the screen for the penadant but tried it several times with no success. On the blog he has the modified Screenset like he did in the video in imperial and metric so you can just download and put the file in your Mach3 main directory and then change Screenset in Mach and it works great. Love having the pendant and it has a E-stop button so now I just use my shop desktop I have mounted on the wall for the table and have full control with the pendant.

Than ks. I have one of those coming in but haven’t gotten it yet. I’m saving the blog site you found so I can find it again if I have the same issues you did.


thanks for the info
i just got mine in mail
waiting for Christmas to get my new laptop :slight_smile: