MACH3 pausing and freezing

The 1st thing I do before making a cut is I do a dry run or least that’s what I call it. I load everything up and run it without the torch on. When I do this there’s no , glitches or anything; it goes right through to the end of the cycle. Then I will send it back to 0 turn the torch on and press start it will start to cut very well but then about halfway through the machine will start making long pauses at certain points of the cut and in some cases completely freeze. The torch stays on and I have to turn it off on the back in disconnect the air. Then I go back to my 0 run it through with the torch off and turn it back on just before it gets to where it needs to pick up again and then from that point on it starts to freeze again the last project I did had to run through 4 different times to complete it. I’m running all license software and a bought a brand new surface book pro just to do this with so I know I have the computing power I just don’t know what’s causing these temporary freezes. There was one time I had a message pop up on the screen that said USB device not recognized. Any assistance would be helpful.

are you using an extension USB cable to extend the one the table came with longer?

I had bought a 9’ extension (Male to female) and everything worked fine on dry runs but as soon as the torch fired, i would lose USB connectivity and get that error. i narrowed it down to the extension cable so i just bought a longer male to male USB cable and works fine now.

Thanks for the insight. I’m using the cable that comes with it. This issue wasn’t right away and seems to be getting worse. I was thinking about getting a
different cable because I don’t like the way it fits in the port. Feels kind of wobbly for lack of a better word.

I ordered a new longer cable from Amazon. That seemed to do the trick.