Mach3 license needed on new machine

The directions I got do not let me get my license sent back to me for my new computer. Says reached limit. My understanding is that with Mach3 I have it and can resend it as many times as needed. Going to manage my account has not worked any suggestions. Here it is the weekend and behind on projects and cant get this going.

Search YouTube for move mach 3 to new computer.I moved mine a few weeks ago.You just install then move your license file over from your old computer to new.If your old computer is not working you may need to figure out a way to get into the hard drive and get it if its still works.Im not sure of the locations or file names that why I say search YouTube.

May also check your download folder for the license file.Mach1Lic.dat is the name I think.

Yea my old one crashed and I got the hard drive out but I have no idea how to hook it up. I got the blue screen of death.

.Mach1Lic.dat I have a copy of it on 3 usb sticks and 3 PCs ,on the desk top.In the begining i messed mine up and had to call them. They explained how to do the resend. I wont lose it again. Its in 3 seperate locations. On 6 different things. Overkill maybe but hey i doubt even I can lose it now.

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Yea I just found that you can only send 4 times per year I had other issues in the beginning and had to resend it as well so Im guessing Im SOL, Good thing is I placed an order for a Arclight Pro 9600X cuts 52" wide X 98" long. The 4 times per year is from the date you got your license so I would have to wait until August, that cant happen. Ill check and see if a local computer tech can get the information off of the old drive and install for me or Ill have to purchase a new one. Projects cant wait for sill stuff like this.

He should be able to get it…you can get a cable that turns your hard drive into a external drive and view the contents.Congrats on the purchase of the new table…Arclight was what I had planned on getting before I got my crossfire.Bestbuy has theses cables.

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Thanks for responding

You can get a cable & enclosure with power connector at Best Buy. You install your hard drive in it (just hook up the able to the drive ribbon connector the only way it will go on) and attach the power supply (this will depend on your cable type - some require separate power, others will carry the power from the connected PC as well as the data).

Then in Windows File Explorer you’ll see another drive (probably D or E). Then you can navigate to the old drive’s Mach folder to copy the license file to your new C drive Mach 3 folder.

I think the last cable I bought for this purpose was something like $30.

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Well the bad news is they can not get nothing off of the computer, the other bad news was it cost me $120.00 to find that out. but the fantastic news is that the support that I received from Langmuir was outstanding. Thank you James H for getting me back up and running.
Thank you
Thank You
And thanks for the information from other fellow plasma users!!!

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