Mach3 license issue

I’m pretty sure I downloaded everything correctly. After getting the license email the link it self wasn’t clickable. After copying the link and opening it up it read “download limit has been exceeded.”

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Not being the sharpest tool in the shed. I got my unlock code for full mach3. went and acticated it. On the youtube video it shows the same email i received except there is no zip file attachment on mine. Anyone else have this issue? Thanks Jim

How long does it even take to get the registration email I purchase the full version but a whole day is gone by and I still haven’t received an email it’s kind a hold me up some certain designs I have are maxing out the G code line in the demo version and I need the full version ASAP

Sorry! We were backed up a little from the weekend. @PWCNC, you should have your registration code now!

Just to clarify for everyone who may be stuck on this from our installation tutorial videos: Artsoft has changed how they send the License zip. It is now a link you need to click in the email they send. Please read through the content of their email as well!

I got it

My bad. I forgot about the 3 hr time diff. Also

I am on the Ea. Coast🤦‍♂️

I followed The email instructions. they supplied a link to the file. you select save file
they state aggressively not to open the file. as its encrypted anyway.
my files always go to DOWNLOADS, so Its easy to find them when I need to. mine was not a .zip file that neede to be unzipped first. when opening my downloads folder it was a .dat file ready to be inserted into the C:Mach3 folder. I just dragged it to my MACH3 folder on the C: drive and opened Mach3 and it was ready to go.
as stated my license name I chose on the check out page was there at the top of the MACH3 screen


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I’m having the same issue & getting frustrated of what to so…GRRRRR

Hi everyone! We’ve been receiving an influx of questions about the Mach3 licensing process because the video linked in the email with the registration code is outdated. For now, check out this thread I created for instructions:

i purchased the langmuir table some time ago and hadnt really had any time to mess with it until recenty but i noticed my Mach3 software is running in demo mode i dont think i ever received my registration code what can i do about that at this point?

send an email to support - they should be able to resend you the link to download the license file.