Mach3 issue or?

I’ve never seen the following error before, crossfire mach3 bug unknown motion code , block = g38.2 z-5. f100. If someone can help me figure out what I’m doing wrong it will be greatly appreciated. I set up a new computer in the shop, I don’t know if I missed a step when installing everything or if I screwed up when designing these parts. Tia

How did you make the G-Code? It looks like it was made for a system with THC, but your Mach3 doesn’t know about it.

Was made in fusion360

Maybe you accidentally used the Fusion setup steps for the CrossFire Pro rather than the basic CrossFire?

I don’t use fusion so, unfortunately, I can’t help beyond this…

Perhaps, I’ll try redoing everything

Mach 3 does not use G38.2, only likes G31. Fire Control likes G38.2

That doesn’t help me, what does that mean? Lol