Mach3 Intermittent Lockup

I have had generally good success running my Crossfire with PrimeWeld CUT60 and Windows 10.
Lately, I’ve encountered random occasions where Mach3 would freeze, both axes would stop moving and the torch would remain on. I would then have to disable the torch by powering-down the CUT60. Clicking the reset button only turns the Mach3 screen to a faded whitish color and nothing happens. Ctrl Alt Del them makes Win10 try to send a report to Microsoft. I’ve even installed the Mach3 Win10 patch, but this random fault still pops up every so often.

I’ve discovered that the USB port connection on the Langmuir control board to be “iffy”. That is if i only breathe on it too hard, it disconnects/connects. I’ve pulled the cable to the side which seems to ensure a positive electrical connection and good ole Duct Tape secures it there. Will continue to monitor and see if the issue goes away or if it returns. I just hate tracking down intermittent issues. :grimacing: