Mach3 Fusion 360 Post for Windows Operating System Only?


Up until now I’ve been using Fusion360 on a Mac. I have a PC dedicated to Mach 3 and was hoping to post-process on the mac sending the G-code file over for download on the PC.

Is the post process file (Mach3 Fusion 360 Post) in the downloads intended for Windows only?

My post-processing menu on Fusion360 Mac looks quite different and I can’t seem to locate the downloaded file…

Thank you for your help!

This won’t answer your specific question, but why don’t you dual boot? I only use Macs. I don’t use Fusion, as I feel it’s too bloated for the table use. But I use my Macbooks for everything. I dual boot the one at the table for Mach3.

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What’s required for duel boot, windows on a Mac?

Check the photo. I have two MacBooks, both have boot camp and windows 10 installed. One is a 2019 MBP and the other a 2013.


Mine looks entirely different too (I have a mac). and it seems that everyone that has asked this question on here has never had this question answered. @langmuirsystems please help with this.

@langmuir-daniel can you please confirm if there is no way to do POST for mach3 using fusion 360 in mac? I have a good mac where I do the designs in f360, and then have to open f360 in a vmware for the POST and then mach3.

It would be great to only use f360 in mac, and load the .tap file mach3 in vmware for crossfire.

Scroll down for instructions on posting programs in F360 on Mac.


Thanks, that totally helped.

Now it would be nice to somehow save the output folder as it always tries to save in a nc/ folder.