Mach3 Auto zero

Is anyone interested in helping this clueless guy out of his problem?
I have my CNC plasma all set now and using it almost every day, but I like to improve my setup so the Z axis would find a new zero position each time it pierces. I have seen people do that by editing G03. in Post processor. but I just did not get it just by telling me: Edit your Post. So if there is a Friendly Guy that would like to instruct me step by step, I would be so glad.

I’m using Sheetcam for G-code and Mach3 as Control Software. and my BOB is connected to Parallel port on Windows7 pc.

Use the mach3 with scriber post in sheetcam, edit post and set distance to 1mm, or .1 inches. Will probe every pierce. Also, its G31

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Somehow that post (Mach3 withscriber) doesn’t work for me. When I import the Gcobe in to mach3, it is a whole bunch of circles. And when I hit: start, it does not probe. But I tried a few other post and (Mach3 Flame THC G31) does probe only at the first pierce. But the gcode lost its shape on that one too.
I think I will figure that out, but your help is very welcome

The tap files are probably using the wrong post processor for whatever you are running this on

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Ok guys, I’m all set now, I studied editing post’s by printing a few different on paper and and reading them. Finally I copied and pasted from different post together and can now do probe at each pierce.

Asking questions is easy but studying by your self is better😉

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Never a more true word spoken… Good deal on getting it dialed in!