Mach 3 wont respond and stops middle of cut?

I have been running my crossfire for about 3 weeks with no hiccups and went to cut today and in the middle of my cut mach 3 shows not responding and i get no movement on the table. Have restarted computer, tried other cut patterns and constantly will stop throughout the cut. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks

How’s the cable? A loose cable causes all sorts of problems and Langmiur includes the cheapest possible POS cable you can find. Maybe try a better cable. It’s just a printer cable, you can get them at any office supply or online.

Bumping this back up, I had a problem today with Mach 3 not responding. It wasn’t the cable but the program itself, had to shut the computer down and reopen Mach. Pissed me off because I couldn’t figure out how to save the cut, wasted a pretty good size piece of 14g.