Mach 3 Stopping Mid G-Code

My shop just picked up a used Crossfire that runs on Mach 3. I got it set up and running, cut a few little brackets no problem.
I’m now trying to cut out a logo now and I keep getting stuck mid cut. It’s supposed to cut out MADJAX. First time, it was cutting the letters in backwards order (XAJDAM), but would get stuck on the same spot on the J. I thought I must have drawn something wrong on the J (extra point or something), so I redrew it and re-did the g-code. Now it’s cutting the letters in order (MADJAX) but getting stuck on the second A, which it cut fine in the first g-code. The torch fires and pierces, then Mach3 seems to just stop, like the G-code doesn’t move any further (stuck on line 499/584). I thought maybe it lost arc so it stopped, but I’ve clamped the piece flat so the tip clearance is pretty consistent through the cut. I also re-ran the program from zero and it doesn’t seem to care if it has arc or not as it went over already cut areas.
any ideas are appreciated.

Did you pay for the license for Mach3? It will only run a certain number of G-Code lines without a paid license.


Looking at the very top of your screenshot of Mach3’s “Program Run” screen, I see you’re running a demo version of Mach3 and therefore it is very limited in the number of gcode lines you may run. This may be remedied by purchasing a license.

From Mach3’s website:
Without a license, Mach3 will operate in Demo mode.
While in Demo mode, the software has the following limitations:
Mill & Plasma: 500 line gcode limit (10,000,000 limit after licensing)
Turn: 50 line gcode limit (10,000,000 limit after licensing)
Kernel Frequency locked at 25kHz (only applicable if using the parallel port driver)
Set Next Line function disabled
Run From Here function disabled
Turn: Threading disabled
Plasma: THC functions disabled


Yall are awesome Thank you.
Didn’t think about the trial limitations…