Mach 3 software issue

Hoping someone can help with Mach 3.
I’m just getting started working my way toward break-in program. I get profile set click ok but the rrmotion control never comes up to select. Won’t move machine.

Did you hit the e stop on the screen? The software opens with the “soft” estop on so you need to release the e stop to move the machine.

When mach3 comes on I hit reset then I get a warning!, one or more axis are tuned too fast for current kernel speed of 25000. I press ok and get nothing. I here power to the table motors. Very low noise.

With power off everything turns easily x y using my fingers to move rods. Turn power on and there locked up.

Did you load the Langmuir profile in Mach 3? Sorry it was early when I read your first post.

Yes I did. At least I hope.

I contacted support. Hoping they can help.

It never gives me the rrmotion to select.

Did you download the Crossfire Motion Controller dll and move it to the Mach3/plugins folder?

Are you running Windows 10? If so you also need to download the patch (& double-click it to run it so it installs into Windows).

Thank you I had it elsewhere in a file. I’m new and will be reaching out.

Moving on. Thank you again.

I did put the windows patch in.