Mach 3 re-load after comp crash

I bought Mach 3 a few years ago, I just got my laptop back from Best Buy where they had to reinstall Windows.
I did get my Fusion account back now I need to re-install Mach 3.
Do I have to buy it again?
Should I search my email archive and find the key again?

I would like to convert to Fireshare ASAP, but it does not seem to be ready yet.
I am pretty darn sure I will not get this thing running again without bugging the great @jamesdhatch like last time but I will try.
He is a amazing man with a wealth of knowledge (shameless suck-up)

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you can just re-install the license. hopefully you kept a copy or in your emails.


Although, if you didn’t have to have the whole drive reformatted and just a Windows re-install, you should have your Mach3 directory with its license file still on the drive. You just need to reinstall Mach3 and it should pick up the old license file.

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