Mach 3 or FireControl for Unusued small Crossfire

Do some of the Crossfires (original Not Pro ) Use Mach 3 and never versions of (original) use Firecontrol ?

Reason I ask is The Companies maintenance machine shop has a small Crossfire sitting in the Corner covered in stuff .I think its 1 -1/2 years old at most .

Although not my department anymore I would like to help out the new machinist get it up and running .
Just need to know whether he needs to load Mach 3 or Firecontrol

There is a description on the Langmuir product page that shows how to tell if the CrossFire is original (and uses Mach3) or a newer one. You would have to search the site, but it’s off of the CrossFire upgrade pages.

Thank you for pointing me in the right direction I found the info
Under “Support” “Should i use Firecontrol
There is a picrure showing the 2 different comtrol boxes…a quick telltale is Mach3 has green around the USB port Firecontrol is Red

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I love Mach3, I like being “in control” :nerd_face: :rofl:

I like that it works, each and every time! :rofl:

True that! :rofl:

Wow this is no where. This is good info i almost burn down my machine langmuir needs to get there stuff in the ball. Good info herr with the red and green box

It’s literally on the product page where you order the Crossfire.