Mach 3 or FireControl for Unusued small Crossfire

Do some of the Crossfires (original Not Pro ) Use Mach 3 and never versions of (original) use Firecontrol ?

Reason I ask is The Companies maintenance machine shop has a small Crossfire sitting in the Corner covered in stuff .I think its 1 -1/2 years old at most .

Although not my department anymore I would like to help out the new machinist get it up and running .
Just need to know whether he needs to load Mach 3 or Firecontrol

There is a description on the Langmuir product page that shows how to tell if the CrossFire is original (and uses Mach3) or a newer one. You would have to search the site, but it’s off of the CrossFire upgrade pages.

Thank you for pointing me in the right direction I found the info
Under “Support” “Should i use Firecontrol
There is a picrure showing the 2 different comtrol boxes…a quick telltale is Mach3 has green around the USB port Firecontrol is Red

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I love Mach3, I like being “in control” :nerd_face: :rofl:

I like that it works, each and every time! :rofl:

True that! :rofl: