Mach 3 on windows 10 not working

I have installed Mach 3 and tried installing the windows 10 patch. Unfortunately I get an error message and the patch won’t install. Has anyone had this problem, and what did you do to fix it.

Did you download the patch file from langmuir systems?

Oh i should of read more of your post. Nope i didn’t have this error

Maybe run it as an administrator

I forgot to update this. I was using an HP touch screen laptop with Windows 10 64bit. I had just purchased the laptop for the purpose of running my Cross Fire. I swapped out the HP touchscreen for a Lenovo laptop. I am fairly certain that the problem was with the touch screen. I think that the firmware/software needed to make the touchscreen work doesn’t play well with Mach3. I couldn’t even run the patch file. It would open and immediately give me an error message.

Its all working now and cutting like crazy.

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I am struggling with a similar issue- my Lenovo Yoga will not allow Mach 3 to open and run and I instantly get an error with the patch download. Anyone have any suggestions other than to dump the laptop that I just bought and get something without touch screen?

I had no issues with my Dell XPS 13" 2 in 1 touch screen laptop.

Try installing in admin mode?

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I have an hp pavilion and when trying to download mach3 I get archive integrity check failed. the setup file is not complete possibly due to an incomplete download or corrupted file. please help

Where are you trying to download it from?
If you can’t download it from langmuir try it at Newfangled click here