Mach 3 Not Responding

I’m having an issue lately with larger pieces. Mach 3 stops and says “not responding” the torch will stay on for a few, but it just stops. It won’t let me click anything in Mach 3 window. The only way to fix is to unplug electronics box. When I replug into the computer Mach 3 responds, but it resets to the beginning.

Happens at random times, could be 30 seconds in or 2 minutes in.

Sounds like your computer is going asleep, change your settings in windows.

My settings are set to never fall asleep. The Mach 3 window locks up until I unplug the electronics box.

could be “electrical noise”. separate your cutter from the table as far as you can and also the laptop from the table in the opposite direction from the cutter and see if it still hangs the program.

Did you figure it out? Might help someone else that may have the same problem to post the solution. If you didn’t maybe someone can help you.

Okay I’ll give that a try, I moved it already but I’ll try to further separate them.

Not quite, if I figure anything out I’ll post it on here.

Any solutions? I’m having a similar issue. But lack experience to even know where to start. I bought my 1st Gen when they launched, but couldn’t set it up until this past March, since by time I got it we where moving. The. I found out mach3 was just a demo. So I finally got the money to get the full mach3 software on a new high end laptop about a month ago. Now I’m trying to cut projects and it’s randomly stopping. Torch will continue to fire, but shows the (not connected) message on mach3. Getting real frustrated. To top it off, when I get the machine back to square one, the torch doesn’t want to work. Like it’s been over heated.

Did you ever figure it out? I have been dealing with the same thing on my Crossfire First Gen, and what I have come up with, so far, is to use a 3 to 2 plug adapter for the notebook power supply and wrap electrical tape around the outside of the USB plug, where it plugs into the computer.
I am a beginner, so I have not cut much, but I had a Cummins logo I got from the FireShare site that would stop about 1/10th of the way through, on the U in Cummins, and it stopped freezing there after the electrical tape.
Dunno if that’s the end all, be all, but that’s where I am now.


This is a bad idea. You shouldn’t block the USB shield.

If I remember correctly, I bought a new cable that connected the laptop to the controller. Something with as much shielding and protection as I could find. Linked below.
I still haven’t run the machine a lot but khaven’t had issues since. Pretty sure the oem cord provided was cheap and not shielded well enough and the high frequency signal from my plasma cutter was causing I’m the connection to drop.

[Cord I bought. ](Active USB 2.0 Printer Cable 50Ft…

Well, it’s one thing I am trying, since I have tried many other things so far, and this is one that has worked. I’m certainly open to other ideas.


TomJolley, I purchased a new USB cable with two chokes and that seems to work well, no tape on the end. It’s a little shorted than yours though, as I don’t need a 20’ cable.
Thanks for the info. It helped me.


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