Mach 3 & Mac laptop

I am a mac user and would like to stick with a Mac. So my question is… If I buy an older mac book for shop use would I be able to run Mach3 on it for the crossfire? I have looked for this topic in the forum but was unsuccessful in finding a thread. if there is one already can you share the link? Thank you.

I run everything on my Mac. Purchasing Parallels was cheaper than having a separate computer for things, it runs Crossfire, Fusion 360, Adobe, etc… no issues. My $.02

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Thank you, much appreciated info. How old is your Mac? I was thinking of buying an older used one (upgrading some computer parts if needed), instead of using my newer day to day one for shop use.

Mid 2015 MBPro, I really don’t like having it out in the shop for too much work, metal shavings get in all of the wrong places, but if careful its not too big of a deal.

NEvermind I see what you stated. I didin’t know of Parallels. Thanks