Mach 3 lic transfer to new computer

bought lic from longmuir need to put on new computer. put it on old computer now need to move.

This is from the mach3 web site:

"Non-commercial users (aka hobbyists) are permitted to use one Mach license for as many machines as they require. For commercial users (anybody who uses the software to generate profit), we require a separate license purchase for each machine. Mach1, Mach2, and Mach3 may all be used on one computer, but only one version of each will co-exist on a single computer.

A license is only required on the computer actually running a machine."

I was curious too because I may do the editing on a diferent machine and send to the table computer over the network to do the cutting

Just copy the license file to the new machine.

That’s what I do. Although I’m generating code on multiple machines I’m only using Mach3 to control the Crossfire from a single laptop. I don’t do anything on the design computers in Mach3 itself - I’m generating the G-Code from Fusion or Sheetcam on the design machines, saving the tap file to the network and loading it from there on my Crossfire control laptop in the garage.

makes perfect sense to do it that way.