Mach 3 full version

How long does getting license for full version of Mach 3 take once ordered from anyone ordering after table order? thx in advance.

Virtual email step from what I recall.

I think they have video on it. But pretty much follow a link and maybe enter a code and you end up with an encrypted file you just place inside the Mach 3 folder.

You can purchased the Mach 3 from Langmuir or direct from

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Sweet thx…code came quick after order! Some mis-communication on our side…thought we ordered last week but we hadn’t so I was being impatient after we finally did. Off to install.


Just copy the “Mach1Lic.dat” file

into “C:\Mach3” if that is your installed path

When you launch Mach 3 again you licence name and code will appear in the tops left area of Mach 3

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I ordered the Mach 3 upgrade Saturday night and received the receipt via email almost immediately, but still no registration code email 2 days later. I checked the spam folder, but nothing there. I’ve contacted support to see if this doesn’t go out over the weekends, but I’d think this would be automatic. We’ll see!

did you buy it from Langmuir? if so then you still have to go to the mach3 website to actually purchase the license with the code sent in the Langmuir receipt.

sorry for just now seeing this…I ended up getting the email the following week. It was delayed for some reason, and they apologized.

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