Mach 3 cutter locks up

Hello, I have setup product as instructed in videos. My problem is the g code file runs a good, full cut pattern with the cutter off. When I turn on cutter, and run file, the mach3 program locks up or freezes and I cannot turn off torch with program. I have to manually turn off cutter. I have installed all the mach3 software updates for windows 10. I am using a Prime weld cut 60 plasma cutter. Any help will be appreciated.

So you are on the CF not the Pro…
Have you been cutting before without issue?
Has anything changed…new cables…?

But your problem sounds similar to a Pro issue and thst is interference.
Have you got ferrite cores on your cables?

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Yes, i have a new crossfire , 1st time firing, factory cables.
Thanks for your reply.

New Crossfires use FireControl not Mach3 for the control app.

Try installing that and giving it a shot.