M00 - program stop

Hi guys, I running FC 20.6.2, does it support M00 (program stop).

Also, I tried to load 21.1.3 but I couldn’t get it to run. It is in Win10 pro.

Thanks in advance.

I’d stick with 20.6.2. I’m not sure about the M00 command, but I’ve never seen it in a Firecontrol compatible code. What are you trying to accomplish with that code? You can program pauses with the G4 P(time) code.

You could insert it into a file and see if it stops the program

M0 M(zero) is a program stop. It would nice to stop the program in places to allow the drop off to be removed. I lost a couple projects because the torchhead caught them on the way past.

I use a pause at the end of each cut loop for that purpose. Sheetcam has a setting for adding these pauses. It utilizes the G4 command to add the pause.

You could add your stop program command into a file and run it in dry run mode to see if it works and allows you to restart the program.

I’ve tried it before with no success. even adding snippits in sheetcam wouldn’t work. it worked grat with mach3 though but that was for the older tables.

You can always pause it before it gets to the next cut as @ds690 mentioned. If using sheetcam, you can also add a pause for a certain amount of time after every cut in the toolset.