M00 makes firecontrol flag a lost arc

I’m trying to add a code snippet into sheetcam to pause the cutting. M01 doesn’t work so after some searching it seemed like M00 is the way to go on the crossfire pro with THC. It works, ish… When it gets to the M00 command the program does pause but the lost arc message appears. To get around it you click cancel then you can resume the cutting when you want.

Its not a major issue unless you click the wrong button but is there a way around this ? I’m adding a pause between holes as I’m cutting thick aluminium and want to be able to clean the torch in case there is any splatter on before continuing.

You using sheetcam? If so you can just add a pause after cut. If you’re cleaning the torch you’re obviously watching the cut, why not just hit pause in fire control as it rapids to the next cut?

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Yes, I’m using sheet cam. Pause after cut (set in the tool options) pauses with the torch at cutting height once the cut is done. When I was using fusion 360 I was manually pausing the program like you suggest but that’s just a work around when m00 ‘should’ work.

I say should as that the reason I posted, is it a bug with fire control or is the lost arc message the norm ?