Lube your retaining cap o-ring!

I have a RazorCut 45 and upgraded to the PTM60 torch, and have been chasing problem cuts with inconsistent results (some perfect, some awful), rapid consumable wear, inconsistent dross, and severe bevel of up to 10° even with brand new genuine consumables and a perfectly squared up torch.

I’ve looked into the ground wire, air moisture, air pressure, water height, plasma/travel settings, different consumables, flipping the swirl ring, etc. No change.

I generously lubed the o-ring behind the retaining cap with some silicone o-ring grease, and not only does the torch have a completely different sound (it sounds much stronger), but the cuts are now absolutely perfect.



What brand grease, if that makes a difference? And, any idea why this might work? I’m going to try it ias well.

In my limited experience, I’ve found that the key to good arcs (and bad arcs if I don’t do this) is to make sure the tip is properly seated in the Retaining Cap. To do this, I drop the tip into the cap, make sure it drops all the way through, and then I rotate it by hand to make sure it’s seated and not binding in any way. Then I screw the cap onto the torch without disturbing the tip.

It may be that in the process of lubrication the retaining cap O-Ring, you achieve the same results, but I’m inclined to focus on the tip/Retaining Cup interface rather than the Retaining Cup/Torch interface.