Ls-thc voltage test z motor not responding

first post finishing up assembly. trying to perform is-thc voltage test hit red torch fire button and the green arc is on button comes on but torch doesn’t move down. passes all test up to this and then i get the "you didn’t press the " arc is on " button. any help appreciated. i can manually move z motor

Hitting the torch fire button does not activate the Z axis. It only fires the torch. You need to manually jog the torch down to the proper height for the test. It should still fire the torch no matter how high it is, it just won’t transfer from pilot arc to cutting arc.

the test said to jog at least 1" from material surface but i have tried even puting tip on slab still no arc ive got a razor cut 45 think i got all buttons set right.

You’ve got something hooked up incorrectly.

Besides the USB cable, there is only one thing that needs to be hooked up to fire the Torch. That is the Torch on/off cable. It goes from the Torch on/off port on the front of the Razorweld to the Torch on/off port on the front of the electronics enclosure on the leg of the table.

The difficult part of that is figuring out which port on the front of the Razorweld is the Torch on/off port. They have switched them so many times that I don’t think Razorweld knows which one is which.

If you have the cable connected to the Torch on/off port(sometimes people plug it into the VIM box by mistake), you can just switch the cables on the front of the plasma cutter and try to fire the Torch. It won’t hurt anything to have them hooked up wrong.

thank you i will try that. take me a few days to get back to it. i punched on through the voltage test and got a live voltage test of 2.6v screen popped up and recommended following steps in thc wiring trouble shooting guide. ill try your suggestion first thanks ill let you know results

Okay i turned the limits off and z axis and torch started working. I think i will leave them off while i practice nd learn for a spell.