LS-THC unit did not detect arc voltage error

Finally got to try my XR for first time. Started with just a simple circle cutout. Torch fired but didnt move. Screen displayed the error message.
Ive played with pierce height settings but didnt help. Any ideas what could be wrong?? Bear in mind im a total newb at this stuff. So use small words please lol

What about Pierce delay settings?

What error message are you getting?

Can you post the first 30 lines of code you’re using?

What are some of the other parameters you’re using for this cut?

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Ill get that info tomorrow. I downloaded a ready to cut file off fireshare and it gave same error message.

The next thing we should look at is how is your torch height controller THC hooked up.

Did you successfully pass the THC test? If so what voltage did it read?

What plasma cutter are you using?

Have you hooked it up for divided or raw voltage (PV input or DV input) to the VIM (voltage input module) it is a small black box that came with your package.

By the looks of your message maybe it’s not plugged in at all?

Its a RW45. Im plugged into the DIV output on the box. Wasnt aware of a voltage test. Can you tell me how to perform?

It’s called the THC health test there should be a button for it in fire control.

Next time I fire up fire control I’ll try to screenshot where the button is.

Here’s the rest of the THC troubleshooting guide in the meantime.

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I worked last night but im gonna go look at my fire vontrol to see if i see it

Found the test button. It successfully passed.

After doing that test i said what the hell and ran that ready to cut file off fireshare. It worked perfectly!!! Pic is 100% untouched straight off the table. Practically zero dross. Im so excited!!! Thank you so very much for the help!! Youre my hero!


Well those cuts look good.

What an odd situation. Do the same thing twice with different results?

No loose wires or anything?

Just a simple try again and it worked with no changes?

I’m happy you’re up and cutting now it’s too bad that the problem was intermittent and was solved with no intervention. Intermittent issues that solved themselves tend to rear it’s ugly head in the future.

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I did make sure connections were tight before doing thc test. Possibly one was loose? Who knows. Dont care. Its working and thats all i care about lol. If i hadnt worked 10 hours overnight id still be out there cutting lol. But instead im dragging myself yo bed. Thanks again for the help!!