LS is blowin it!

Before you get yer drawers twisted the subject is in jest. LS should consider rolling out the t-shirts, coffee cups and hats. You have thousands of customers stacked up waiting on a new toy and are missing the opportunity to circulate your name a bit. Also, any behind the scene updates on accessories for the pro? I broke down and purchased a cutzilla etcher already… sorry LS, don’t want to die of old age waitin on ya!:wink::+1::+1:


If I were an investor in the company, I’d be happy holding off on advertising and
having the company focus on catching up on the orders until there isn’t a long
wait time. I’ve seen many computer hard/software companies becoming victims
of their PR success and not being able to meet the demand. Build a strong
foundation and support for the primary products first. You all remember the
term ‘vaporware’, I’m sure.


And I can remember a certain glowing Laser company that used Kickstarter and a lot of hyper PR to get attention but failed to deliver for almost a year after the target date.
The patient ones were rewarded, but there were a lot of cancellations before that.


Looks like were still waiting on merch? I’d love a darn hat or something.