Low budget plasma cutters for CNC

Somehow I managed to miss the notes of compatibility issues with HF start plasma cutters and CNC machines, it turns out my trusty little Zeny Cut50 is high frequency. Can anyone recommend a low cost machine that’s low-frequency or is there any way to easily shield the controller against EM interference?

The Razercut is pretty low priced for what it does, not to mention these guys are already listing consumables for it.

Yes, I would go with a Razorcut or an Everlast. PT60 style torches have reasonably priced consumables as well. You are looking for a plasma cutter with a “Pilot Arc.” Check your local craigslist for cheap used plasma cutters as well. HF units are getting harder and harder to find (good) so just make sure it is a pilot arc ignition.

Under no circumstances should you even try one cut with the High Frequency machine, you will fry the electronics enclosure, probably on the first ignition.


I went with the Everlast 50s. So far I like it. The main reason I chose it over the razorcut because it’s dual voltage and it also has a dedicated CNC port.

The vipercut30 is dual voltage and the cnc port does you really no advantage without height control except making the 2 wires easier to get to for the trigger

The everlast is 50amp and Im also thinking ahead I hate buying tools twice. Down then the road I decide to get a table with hight control i’m ready.

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Amperage rating doesn’t mean everything. In fact it doesn’t mean all that much by itself.

Everyone is jumping on this cheap sub $300 zeny plasma, lotos, eastwood and a handful of others that are labeled at 50amps. Amperage alone does not equal cutting capacity.

The Hypertherm powermax30 is only 30 amps but it can severe 1"…the vipercut30 is 30 amps but I’ve had customers cut 3/4". You won’t be able to do that with a cheap 50 or 60 amp machine. It’s all about watts, total output.

Amps * Voltage = watts
The more kilowatts you have the more you can cut.

Not saying yours is a bad machine, because I’ve heard they are good, I’m just simply saying you can’t shop by “horsepower” numbers only. When hypertherm came out with their 45XP…it’s the same amperage output as the PM45 but they increased the voltage thus equaling more output and can cut thicker.

For height control you don’t ‘need’ the cnc port as there are systems out there that can run without it but I do agree it makes things so much nicer to just be plug n play.

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I got my table and I’m looking for a sub $1k cutter. I want to cut 3/16 and thinner tool steel and stainless steel. What would everyone recommend?

Check out GambleGarage’s store. I purchased my Razorweld 45 and consumables from him. Great price , couldnt be happier!!
Great customer service and it helps out a fellow member.

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i have a zeny for beating up… taking to the field with me and general quick cutting purposes, i went with an Everlast 50S for the table… bought the 85 piece consumable package off everlasts site. wanna say im 850 into it?

the Zeny 50 cut 1" thick steel… just saying.

everlast 60s will scream thru that material.

Hi, could some tell my if this could work in my crossfire table ? http://www.stahlwerk.se/shop/Stahlwerk-Plasmaskarare-CUT-120S-40mm.html ? Thankfull for any answer …

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Ok no answers, could someone tell me if pilot start is the same as hf-start? From what i read it’s not?

That plasma cutter is a pilot arc, but is also a high frequency unit.

You can have pilot arc with both HF and Non HF plasma cutters.

You want a pilot arc, blow back, non high frequency plasma cutter


Thank you now I understand, was close to buing yet another not working unit :disappointed:

This subject is very confusing to us just getting started.

I have a reboot Cut 50 that apparently has a pilot arc start but also is a high frequency inverter unit. I’m guessing this will not work with the table? I bought this for hand cutting anyway so it still gets used.

If you want a budget machine that will work well with the table, buy an Everlast 52i. Its the same price as the Razorweld, but has a higher duty cycle. The Primeweld Cut60 is cheaper, but many people have had electrical interference problems with them,


guys, what could you say about these models?
Lotos looks promising but idk

Interesting .

Here’s a link to the product website for anybody reading along


Here is a topic discussing this machine.