Love to have a pro just don't have the room

Would Langmuir sell me the parts to build a crossfire pro Mini? And would the crossfire board support the second Y axis. Parts are simple XL kit ,stepper, lead screw, bearing slide thingy limit switches to square the X axis. Any thoughts?

How big of a table do you want? they sell a crossfire xl it may be close to what you want

I have the crossfire with the XL kit. Would like the full gantry. Make some brackets to help it more rigid and be able to mount a laser for some engraving. Might be a cool project for winter. As far as table size this work great in my shop. I think it would be a better cut overall the floating X axis is okay, but it could be better.

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Yeah but then you can no longer throw those big sheets on there with stands on the sides.