Lotos LTP7500CNC

Lotos has a higher-power version of the cnc model (blowback start) and Alibaba had a good price so I gave it a try. It took 2 months to get to me with all the shipping issues world-wide.

It has a voltage sense port (1:1) and a torch on/off port that also has start signal output that Crossfire does not use. The unit came with connectors ready to wire to Langmuir cables.

Wired it up and and tried a triggered fire with the software button. Worked fine so I proceeded to the THC test. The software detected proper voltage so I cued up a test file with scrap stock and first cut lost the arc immediately. I suspected too much power so I lowered to 25amps and restart the cut and it worked fine. Had SMART voltage on THC and it worked as designed.

This unit goes for about $800 but is hard to find in stock in US. Alibaba price with shipping was $530 and it arrived the same week as my Crossfire PRO kit, so the delay was no issue.

All in all, a good option. As I use it I’ll have more to say on cut quality and reliability.

Interesting. Even Uwelding.com doesn’t list that one. Does it really go up to 75Amp?

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Lotos does not have it listed on their web site. When I enter it in their search it said page was deleted.

They are on Alibaba’s site.

Well, before anyone runs out and orders one, mine has stopped working after about 5 minutes of cutting at 40 amps. Warning light is flashing but fan is not on so not over temp (another forum said the light is also used for overcurrent, they had a bad power diode). We’ll see if I get anywhere with it…


Any updates on the Lotos?

The manufacturer in china did send me a new mosfet board but installation requires a COMPLETE tear down of the innards as the mosfets are bolted to heat sinks in the back. Not an easy job. I’m happy with my Everlast 62i so I’m in no hurry to get that done. I would urge NOT to go through alibaba just for the 7500cnc. The 5500cnc is available in US and has same cnc signal ports on back.

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I’ve been using the 5500 for the last two years without complaint.

Thanks for the update.