Lotos LTP6000 plasma cutter

Will the Lotos LTP6000 work with the CrossFire

I had a recollection that the Lotos was a high-frequency unit (which won’t work) but I can’t verify that with a search. @langmuir-aksel or @langmuir-daniel will need to weigh in.

Thanks James for the response

This is a quote from the Lotos LTP6000 Amazon listing “The arc is started by high frequency which is known for producing more reliable, consistent, and cleaner cuts without having to spend extra time on cleaning.”

It is a High Frequency Start witch will not work on the CrossFire.

If your looking for a similar priced machine from the same brand. The Lotos Supreme CUT60D isn’t supported by Langmuir, but I have one working on my CrossFire. With only changing my USB cable to an upgraded shielded one (>$10US)

Or take a look at the Everlast units they are just a little more $$ and are fully supported and work with the CrossFire (many of the folks here love them… I don’t have any experience with them myself).

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Thanks maleybr
I think I will go with the Everlast

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@jamesdhatch and @maleybr are correct, the Lotos LTP6000 isn’t compatible with the CrossFire because it’s a High Frequency plasma cutter!

We don’t recommend any Lotos plasma cutters because even their non-HF models, like the Lotos Supreme Cut 60D or Lotos Supreme LTP5500D, have been known to cause interference issues with the CrossFire’s electronics.

Thanks just ordered the Everlast 80s, Now waiting for it and my Crossfire to ship. Thanks for the help.

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@maleybr, are you still having success using your Lotos cutter? The LTP5500D claims to be a non-HF Blow-back start unit. If all it takes is replacing the USB cable with a shielded one, I’d prefer to go that route and get a 50 amp unit for an affordable price.

Of course, that the newer LTP6000 is a HF start does make one wonder if they have start reliability issues with the LTP5500D… Anyone tried the LTP5500D with the Crossfire?

I have been having success with my Lotos. The only issue I have ran into was that I melted the plastic and metal cup cutting material. It was still working but cut quality was poor because the air was leaking around the tip. These cups are consumable so it’s not really a major issue, but I don’t want to sound like I’m overselling it.


Lotos has a “CNC” version of the LTP5500D and the manual claims:
“The new, redesigned LOTOS LTP5500D is a non-high frequency start machine. The “blow-back” arc start type that is used is generally safe for use in CNC applications and is ideal for general use.”

Presumably this should address the problem with the Crossfire electronics, but your tip about using the shielded USB cable is a good one. I think I may try this cutter and will report back my results.

As a follow up to my last message, I’ve tested the LTP5500D CNC and it works well for me. I’ve posted the Cut Chart on Lotos LTD5500D CNC Cut Chart