Lotos ct520d power issue

machine ran fine until i ordered consumables from lotos (LCS22) after using new consumables for two short cuts the machine cut off won’t turn back on, it has power. i checked power on back side of on off switch. any troubleshooting suggestions?

open the torch handle.
try moving the center electrode…does it move back and forth on the spring?

no it doesn’t. i read a comment saying people having issues with those consumables. thinking about a different torch if i can get it fixed. as for my machine i unplugged the torch and still doesn’t turn on.

most likely the machine will not turn of with the torch not working.
my machine, different from yours, will turn on…but will display error code on the front preventing it from firing with faulty torch or no torch.

I’ll put original tip back in and try it when i go outside, let ya know, thanks for advise.

Its not the consumables its the unit. Most likely the power input board. May be a lose wire or bad plug. Unplug the unit for a 1 hour or so then take the cover off and check all wires and plugs. If everything looks good and its not under warranty you will need to get a new one.

it under warranty. contacting lotos today. thanks for the help.