Lost fire control connection

Hey guys , so I’ve been running my XR with very little issues for over a yr. (First batch) Today I fire it up , jog the torch back to load a plate , load the plate and now I have no connection to fire control. All connections are tight and right , I’ve tried the unplug thing and still nothing !! It makes no sense nothing changed nothing moved just quit working. Anyone have any idea’s for me ?? I’m at a loss .

First thoughts… Start with the simple stuff first Robb… Do you show to have power in all of the places you should??

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Ok so I just pulled the panel box and found the issue :person_facepalming: the usb port broke off !! What a piss poor design !! The port is only held on by the pins to the board I guess they finally had enough. And yes I had power everywhere I should have.

Bingo!! Sounds like they will end up sending you a new board!! Not sure what you can do to enhance that connection at the board on the replacement but, I’m sure some others here on the forum would have suggestions…


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That connector is supposed to have metal ears that go into those holes on either side. That will hold that USB connector for any reasonable force. Either the pins were missing or there was unreasonable force at some point.


Many people are finding these USB plugs are up against the opening in the enclosure,myself included. Simply bolting the board down at the factory could have pried it loose, or put it under enough stress that it eventually failed.

Sounds like unreasonable force to me…

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