Lost cam tab in fusion

I used fusion. left for an hour came back and lost CAM selection in the drop down. Talk about camfused. Any Ideas?

did you figure out what happened? the same thing happened to me

It changed to manufacture. It does the same as Cam did. Must be a fusion update or we both are unlucky.

They updated it on 1/9. You can see what was included by picking the “What’s New” option under the ? in the upper right corner.

BTW, they added a Learning Panel - a series of step by step tutorials the last time they updated but you’d only see them if you first installed it. Those are under the ? too.

Fusion updates in the background (there’s a clock next to your name over on the right as well - it will have a # next to it if it’s got a download, click it and it will come to the foreground and show you a progress bar). Then it will update when you exit or prompt you based on your preferences (or used to…I haven’t checked in the new version).

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Thanks for the info, good to know. I figured i broke it.

Honest, you know? Why they don’t give more of an alert it’s going to do something escapes me sometimes :slight_smile:

What caught me off guard is i had Cam . went out to the shop a bit. Came back and it was gone .

I was going to ask if you had a Mac or something when I opened it and saw the new menu myself :slight_smile: Last I used it I was looking at CAM too so I checked the update history and saw they dropped a new version Wednesday.

About the ? is good info i clicked it awhile back and nothing there of inerest, I didnt know about it telling about up dates till now. Im sure most here didnt know. Oh and the map is gaining if you havnt looked latley. Thanks again.

I keep looking for someone local :slight_smile: I ended up making myself a powdercoating spray booth and setting up a small oven (made from an electric smoker) and now I’m down the modding a HF sand blasting cabinet to really clean up the metal rabbit hole :smile:

But @clarose is way way up there - gotta be the only plasma cutter inside of 500 miles! That’s Inuit territory I’d think.

I’m not that far north…

It looks way up there on the map. Your pin all by itself :blush:

Same here, while fighting with the “scaling thing”. Left for a minute to get my blood pressure med. when I came back CAM was gone with MANUFACTORING in place. Got really aggravated, drank too much tequila, had to go lay down.
Understand it now. If I could only figure out why everything I sketch or import is always too big I’d be ok, maybe…