Lost and confused first Cut

I am trying to get my first cut made while looking for programs to use for my crosfire artwork. should I use 360 and if so how do i inmport files into it all my files dont show up when trying to import

Fusion has free CAD & CAM

Inkscape is free for CAD but no CAM. You’ll need to move to fusion or SheetCAM.

SheetCAM is paid $150 for CAM only but is said to be really easy.

There are many others so it’s completely up to you. I’m fusion guy so if you ever get stuck you can send me message with f3d.


You sound like you’re pretty new to all of this.
Are you familiar with the following:

NC/TAP files?

We need to know what you know, so we know where to start.


Lots of good information on support page…

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I agree with donp below watch the fusion videos on Langmuirs site from start to finish on each video and you will learn a lot. I bought the sheetcam program but haven’t even used it yet since Inkscape and fusion have worked for the few things I have done. But fusion can be a little tricky but once you learn it it’s a good program.