Looking to purchase duramax torch for hypertherm 45xp

Thought I’d ask on here before buying new - looking for a hand or machine torch for my 45xp. I snagged mine used and it came with a T45v torch…

So whats wrong with the torch it has on it? It should work just fine.

Absolutely nothing - would you like to trade?

You do know that that torch will use the powermax30 consumables for a finer cut.

Also never use brake cleaner on anything electric.

Yes, but did you know with the 30 amp consumable you have to run the machine at, guess what, 30 amps?

With the duramax torch and FineCut you can run at 45 amps and a way faster IPM. Less dross and an ultimately faster product out my door. I could show you the difference in specs if you’d like?

Hoping to find someone that maybe upgraded to a machine torch and wants to part ways with the hand torch. Figured I’d try here before I bought brand new - it would also be nice to be able to leave a torch dedicated to the plasma.

There’s also other reasons I’d like to explore a duramax torch. Consumable life is said to be longer as well as cut quality is supposed to be better. If you’d like me to continue to list my reasons for wanting one I can.

Do you have any for sale?