Looking for plasma cutter

Hi im new here and was wondering if plasma cutters are available for sale

They sell them along with their tables so id say yes but just looking I dont see a way to order one on it’s own, I’m probably just not seeing it.

If you want something not listed on their site, they can make up an order for you by calling


To place an order with one of our sales representatives, please call: (833) 526-4797 during business hours 9AM - 4PM PST, M-F.
Please note this is for purchasing only. For support and technical questions please see the Support section below.

I have a razor weld 30 amp with machine torch for sale if you are interested. It was used maybe 10 times before buying different plasma for thicker material. I can send you pics etc. If looks and works brand new

You can search the internet for someone selling it in good condition. Do you want a cutter for what works?