Looking for my RazorCut 45 CNC Cables

I’m looking for the CNC cables that came with the RazorCut 45 and can’t find them. Does anyone know whether they come in the RazorCut box or in another box with the table? Does anyone have a picture of them or their packaging? And if we can’t find them, can we order replacements?

[More details] We ordered a CrossFire Pro table with the RazorCut Pro 45 and a machine torch. We opened the plasma cutter first and used it by hand on a few projects before setting up the table. Now we have set up the table but can’t find the TCH or On/Off CNC cables to connect the cutter to the table’s controller. I’ve seen that some others on the forums were missing the CNC cables with their table shipment, but it is also possible that we just misplaced them. I’m hoping for information that will help us find them, and information on what to do if we can’t find them. Thanks for the help!

Mine came in the box with the RazorWeld

Mine came in the Razorweld box as well.

If you bought the Razorweld through us, we add the torch firing cables into the Razorweld Box. Please reach out to our CS team if you haven’t already!

Thanks to all those who responded! I reached out to support and was able to order a new set of cables for a very reasonable price.

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