Looking for Gnomes

Anyone know where I can find the DXF files for these little guys?

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I have found them on Etsy…pretty cheap…you just have to modify the pattern for a spike…
or google search them.

free on a few FB CNC pages.

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Yea, I’ve heard that before, but I can’t seem to find the right FB page.

Thanks, I found quite a few on Etsy, but not the specific one I posted the picture of…

look up the group CNC PLASMA THE GOOD, THE BAD, AND THE UGLY. once you join, look in the file section and there’re a couple different ones.

This one is titled “faster Garden gnomes.dxf”

Thank you, I’ll checkout the group.
Waiting for approval in the group.

I’ve applied twice for that group and finally messaged them on Instagram and inquired about the request. He said they didn’t allow people in with new Facebook accounts and I explained why mine was new so he was going to let me join but it never happened…

Maybe i can invite you in. i’ll check.

I was excepted with in an hour of my request.

Garden Gnome Stakes.dxf (466.3 KB)

Here you go

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Thank You!

Check on etsy you will easily find.