Looking for Firearm manufacture signs

Anyone have any dxf files for gun manufactures? colt remington, winchester ruger on n on. Not asking for anything free if you have a cool one and PM me a picture of it and i like it i will pay for the file. Thanks Jim

Are you looking for logos or actual firearm designs?

Have you searched the plasmaspider free designs section?

Logos. I did search plasmaspyder and ebay …Nothing that excited me. I really figured plasmaspider would have several. But my searches didnt do well.

Cnczone, signtorch and grabcad all have design sections as well.

Otherwise I’d just grab the logos and run them through AI it Corel to generate vector traces.

:sunglasses: I know you would, But im not that smart yet.

Could save a jpg of the logo and Inkscape to trace the image, and save it as a dxf. super easy and only takes a minute or 2

What I would do is copy the logo you want, put it in inkscape, trace bitmap it, which will allow a copy of it for you to edit nodes ect. And save it as a dxf. Then just load it up in fusion. Easy to do if you just look on YouTube for a tutorial on how to edit a image using inkscape.

That will also allow you to edit the size of it to exactly what size you want to cut it out as. Inkscape is a great free program to use for that kind of work and the more you get use to using it the quicker you’ll be at designing projects.

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Thank you everyone. I downloaded Inkscape yesterday only had time last night to watch one vid on it so far