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Hello Plasma cutter people. David here from Richmond, VA. I’m getting ready to order the Crossfire Pro and I’m wondering which computer model, type, configuration you y’all have found to be the best to use on this machine? I have been a Mac user for years and I have not been impressed with “Bootcamp” to run windows programs under the IOS, so I’m looking for the answer from the brain trust here. Thanks in advance.

Welcome David! This is a great place for any info on pretty much anything Langmuir related. Lots of helpful folks here. I’ll give you my .02

As a Mac user I’ll say that I’ve had no problem with using my Intel MacBook with FireControl, Fusion 360, Inkscape and Affinity Designer and I run it on Monterey. So there’s that… You can totally do it with a Mac. But I wanted to use Sheetcam for my post processing. My own personal opinion but I just wasn’t feeling the love for that process in Fusion. I guess you could say some swear by it, some swear at it. :laughing:

So I paid the $$ for Sheetcam but it’s not Mac compatible and although I’ve used bootcamp, parallels and VMware Fusion in the past, didn’t want to use virtualization software for just 1 app.

I did have access to a cheap (free in my case) Windows laptop from my son so now I do my design work on the Mac and keep it in my office nice and clean and do my post-processing and run FireControl on the Win10 laptop. The Windows box stays in the shop and so far has run well in the dust and smoke and whatever. Doesn’t have to be muscle machine to run FireControl or Sheetcam but for doing design work you do need some decent computing power. Lot’s of guys use mini PCs on their tables.

I have my files on a network share and have access from either machine as needed. Also I’m an ex IT guy so I’ve also set it up to remote desktop into the Windows box from my Mac if I want.

Ummmm… Maybe overkill, but that’s how I roll :grin:

Bottom line there’s lots of options out there. Lots of learning to do for sure. Enjoy!!


I started out a few months ago with one of my Thinkpad T410s, which ran everything (Fusion 360 and Fire Control) fine. I needed better graphics to run the new version of Fire Control, so I switched to a newer Lenovo Ultrabook T460 out in the shop. It runs the new Fire Control just fine. I still use a T410 in the house for Fusion 360. All are Intel i7 processors running Windows 10.

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