Looking for Buick Logo (older vintage if possible)

I haven’t seen any during my searches but I have an older neighbor who has done some amazing work on older Buick vehicles in his shop and thought I’d make something for him b/c he has been sharing his experiences and knowledge with me recently which has been invaluable. Thanks for any models you may have!

Which one you wanting?

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Oh wow. Most of his vehicles are in the 59-65 range lower left. Holy cow on fast response. Thanks! I’m so new to my machine I’m still learning how to build models and gcode. I also can’t afford a lot of trial and errors.

Both designing and cutting have there own challenges and takes time to learn them both. Let me go see if I can design something really quick for you.

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The only way I see this vintage logo coming out is doing multi-layer and a painting different colors on backer. i did make it like 30" x 25" so it’s going to really be something on the wall if you cut it. If you do scale it down, because because everything shrinks and scale both at the same time. This might be one you hold off until you get a few months of cutting and designing but I liked the challenge once I seen the logo and your correct you don’t see it anywhere but on a sticker. Good luck and post pic if you do cut it in next few months.

1959 buick logo_.dxf (405.2 KB)

Look when put on top of each other - you’ll have to paint

What the two layers in the design look like.


Holy cow. Let me know if I can provide any $ for your time and efforts. Truly amazed and I bet my neighbor Bob will love having this in his shop. Will take me some time to get this done right but appreciate all the advice and design thoughts in this model!

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I feel this is 90% done but could us some more clean up depending on how perfect you want it to be. I guess that is a deer but not entirely sure…lol No money needed but do post if you cut and make it. I only spent about 30 mins to get it to this point. I made one and replicated it using a canvas in background to get it as close as possible. You can add outer circle and other thing later which are pretty basic once you get going and get more comfortable designing.


I pretty much did a 50% reduction trial attempt with scrap steel. Turned out pretty good. One of the little triangle cut outs probably got too small and fell out but welded it back on. Seems pretty solid and if I had kept original size would have worked great. Thank you for the time and extra questions! I’ll post when done painting.


That came out great! Is your plan to 3M tape it together? I don’t see any warpage which is awesome. When doing that much cutting on thin material it can be tricky to keep it straight. Your going to have one really cool sign.

Tape or some adhesive and clamping. Still figuring it out. Very much appreciate all you’ve done. Will be a neat gift for my neighbor who works on classic Buicks. Neat man who has shared his knowledge with me.


Neighbor was really happy with the finished product and was mounting it in his shop!