Looking for an owner in the St Louis, MO region

Hi -

Learned about Langmure today. Looking for someone who can quote making some parts for us. Most urgent is made from 0.035 thick 430 stainless steel. Part looks like a small ninja star. Currently laser cutting but want to see what they look like cut via plasma.

Many other parts on the drawing board.

Prefer someone within a couple hour drive of the St Louis area.

Reach me here if interested and we can see where it goes. Lets make some stuff!


Nice to see you here - great networking.

Another place to look if you don’t hear directly is 100K Garages online. You’ll find a fair number of small fabricators there that might also be able to help.

I just did some laser work for a huge aerospace company that couldn’t get their normal suppliers interested in making a couple of gaskets for something they’re prototyping. Happy to tool up to make 10,000 gaskets but not structured to make 2. The prototyping process they’re doing is iterative so they can work out the kinks before investing in tooling and they need a couple at a time delivered quickly before testing & redesigning again.

Small fabbers can be the perfect solution for small runs (or even larger ones) or helping with product development. It’s great seeing folks reach out to this community for that kind of help.

I agree… Sounds like a win/win for all involved…!!

I am about an hour outside of St. Louis, in Winfield, MO. I would love to help! But I am out of town for work until April 11th. Let me know if you are still looking then!

Hi Jamesdhatch,

Thanks for your reply. Will check out 100K Garages.

It sounds to me like you do both plasma and laser work - would you be up for looking at some files? If so, please let me know the best place to send them and what format you prefer.

Completely agree about the small shops - lots of capabilities that need to network to make good things happen!

Best Regards

Yeah I’ve been lasering for years and CNC router (Shopbot) too. Added the Crossfire last year. I can share files amongst all the machines - sometimes prototype 1/2 scale on the small laser and then final run on the plasma so I know the file works with cheap material before throwing a $30 sheet of steel under the torch.

I teach laser & CNC operations at the local Makerspace too.

I do all of that to offset the total lack of creative closure in my day job (software) :slightly_smiling_face: Making neat stuff with computer controlled tools is the best of both worlds.

What are you looking for in terms of the file reviews?

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