Looking for air dryer

What’s everyone using for dry air?

This one is working very well, needs no electricity, always runs and can be built for $100 or so.
I don’t imagine it would be great for a commercial operation but for a.hobbyist it works very well. I also have a motor guard dryer behind it.

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Thank u I like I might just consider this set up

I’m planning on building one like above for my shop this weekend… Will let you all know how it goes and, if I can take it, even pay attention to how much it costs me…LOL

The most expensive part is the valves, the rest is cheap.
One mistake I made was I used type k copper tube. HD has both types and I wanted the best. Turns out the L is thinner and is better to cool the air as it passes through. Who knew? Be sure to build it correctly, some guys built them with one valve and they don’t do the job, each run has to have a valve. The air has to flow through every length of pipe without a shortcut. There are some good tips on plasma spider. Reflecting on it I think I spent close to $150 on it.


Just curious, did you build a dryer, how did it go?

Post pics if you can.

Haven had the chance yet , real job is busy

Oh yeah…forgot all about that… I’ll get some pics and post them asap… I did run 3/4" copper ended up with 3 ball valve “dumps”… Ended up with about 35’(I think) of copper… And, it hasn’t produced a lot of moisture but, it’s dry season here in Wis… LOL Pics to follow…

Ok, here we go…
From the compressor, I had to run 3/8" hose to get around a couple of obstacles… This run of hose is approx 12’ long… Then it transitions into the top left of the copper setup(Manifold?? IDK)… Anyways, there’s 32-33 feet of 3/4" copper pipe(I hope enough). 3 dumps…and then, 2ea. dessicant filters… and then, back to a 3/8" whip to the cutter… the input on the plasma cutter was 1/4" but I switched this out to the bigger fitting… The rest is internals of the machine…

I’m fully aware this may not be the hottest or best setup but, the best I could do for now… I feel there’s an advantage to the air cooling and slowing in the 3/4" copper section and when things get more humid this coming summer will be the real test…


Wow, looks great, thanks for the responce.

I considered using 3/4" but the fittings were stupid expensive here, I could not believe how much more they were. It seems 3/4" would do a better job, I just added a extra run, the last two runs of my 4 have never produced a single drop of water…slackers.


Looks great. Nice work