Looking at the download updates for fire control

I am not sure exactly what this means:

“You must set both Pierce Height and Cut Height to 0 in the Jet Tool Menu.” ???

well…when you download the post processor for sheetcam it need to go into thesettings and do what it says…that way when you set up your tools for each material thickness…you wil be able to set your own parameters…

I think…

I will take a look and see, thanks for the quick reply are you liking the updates to sheetcam?

no problems here…and if there are…the developer of Sheetcam is a member here and drops by from time to time

I figured it out and man do I feel stupid lets just leave it at that…have a great day

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I believe you need to do this to tell the post processor that you don’t have a Z axis. Otherwise the post processor will add IHS calibration sequences to your G-Code.

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Yeah finally read the upper caption on the download. man there are days when I think “lost it”

Me too. Then the others are days when I’m sure of it!

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I have prrof I lodt it a long time ago…ya gotta catch up with me…

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Don’t worry, I’m not sure I ever had it in the first place!