Lookig for a new CAD/CAM program to learn,

I learned CNC plasma in BOCES where they had a torchmate table and as such became proficient in torchmate EDU as my prefered CAD. I now have a crossfire pro coming, however I now realize there is no way I can continue forward with using torchmate as I only have access to the student version which only lets you save parts as .edu files and not .dxf. Unless someone knows how I can work with an edu to get to a usable file, I am looking to learn a new software and need some recommendations to look into. In torchmate I often used the image to vector graphics converter to make parts and would be looking for something similar. I am more visual based rather than technical in terms of the parts I make most. Thank you!

I really like Vectric Cut2D for design because it’s so easy to learn and use, and it’s somewhat similar to Torchmate. Sheetcam is the gold standard for CAM on a plasma table. By the time you’ve created three projects using those programs you’ll have a good handle on them.

IMO it’s no contest, if you want 3D, go with Fusion360. Good support here in the forum and by Langmuir and, if you’re willing to accept the limitations of the Hobbyist license, it’s free.

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Ok, Ill defenitly look into Vectric cut2D. I havnt heard of this one so im interested to see what its like.

Yeah I defanitly considered Fusion, like you said it has a great presence on the forums, thank you for your input!

Definitely agree with this statement and, if you go with SheetCam as your CAM tool, you can use literally ANY drawing program to create your drawings.

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A useful feature of Cut2D is the Vector Validator which scans a drawing for any vector errors that need to be fixed, and once I have a drawing down to zero errors I know that it’s good to go.

The Bitmap Trace to Vectors feature works well too - much better than I’ve ever been able to do with Inkscape.

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good to know, thank you for the info, :grin: