Longevity Forcecut 42i

I have finally gotten my table and cutter hooked up. I was wondering if anyone has a cheater sheet for a longevity Forcecut 42i. I cut 1/8” today with multiple cut rates. I still have some minor tweaking to do but I’m def closer. I was wondering if someone had already done the tweaks for different metals & sizes/gauges for longevity? Thanks for any help!

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I would say, if they (the company/manual) did not include a cut chart then they do not have confidence in the consistency from one machine to the next. In that case, there is no real short cuts. If someone supplied you their findings it might help you on one cut but hurt on another. What I mean is that you might stop searching for the 'Holy Grail" and decide their settings are the best you can do.

I have a Hypertherm, which is known for consistency, but there are still some tweaking that needs to be done due to variations in metal consistency, electrical resistance and various other things.

Glad to hear you are cutting already. If you want to add to the efficiency of your test cuts, grab a test coupon (there are several on FireShare) that are worth trying to get a sense of the kerf width and accuracy of inside and outside dimensions.



Yes I understand about the holy grail but I was simply hoping someone atleast had spec to get me within an area. I know each machine is different and I understand that I still would need to dial mine in, but atleast I wouldn’t be grasping at straws to see if it works. Thank you for the reminder of fireshare I actually made my file just to have a good ideal of ability. Thanks again!

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You might search for RazorWeld and or Titanium to see if you find a chart that matches any of your cuts so far (speed, amperage).

Here is a RazorWeld chart but I don’t have any way to check if it is a generally reliable chart:
Razorut 45 Chart

And, I am relatively new to plasma cutting so I don’t know which cutter might be more similar to yours.
Good luck to you and I understand…been there.

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Thank you!

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