Long running personal project

Hey all,
Ive had my machine quite awhile, but have really only had a little time to play with it.
Been doing alot of work on one of my personal cars. I completely modified the rear suspension to fit my new custom suspension I had made.
The end goal was to be able to get my rear bags to air up about 25-30% before the car actually lifted off the ground. Making it so I can drive, comfortably with the car barley off the ground.

Having the table made the whole process go by so much faster, I had all the suspension work done in less than a day and then raised the wheel well radius’s up, and cut more out of my rear doors aswell as new wheel tubs.

Still have a lot of learning and playing to do with the table but its defiantly fun to think of what parts of any projects it would be perfect for.

One of the first projects I did with the table was design a rear camber kit for the 5th gen Camaro. The kicker was to acheive like 7 degrees negative camber, with all stock suspension (minus bags).
After about 16 hours of straight work that car was done. Could have been an easy 24 hour job without the table.

Also thanks to everyone who keep adding to the Everlast cut chart, that sheet helps out so much!


Cool setup! any pics of the suspension? I also first used my table to work on finishing my bodydropped 08 silverado. Love the fab name as well haha

Thank you!
I was more so rushing to get it done so I didnt record anything… I may have a couple pictures during the process, ill check to see what I can find.
Kept it super basic and I actually did it in car so not anywhere near being pretty, but its strong and “functional” ahah.
I would love to see some stuff on your truck!

My buddy and I wanted to do something fun, probably would piss some people off, but more people would like haha.
The looks I get while driving are priceless!

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