Logo not transferring to mach 3 (solved)


We are having issues with our logo transferring correctly over to mach 3. It will simulate just fine in fusion 360 but when we load the g code in mach 3 it will only show a portion of the logo and stop within a couple of lines of g code. We have exhausted all brain cells in trying to figure this out. Willing to pay if someone wants to help us make this work.

@Brindley If you are using the Demo Version of Mach3, it has a limit of somewhere around 500 lines of code… Might seem like only a few lines but it doesn’t take much to reach the limit… Just a thought…

Also, could you post the code here? Might help figure this out…

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It is telling us that new users can not upload. Do you have an email that we could send it to?

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I just upgraded your User Rank from “0 - New User” to “1 - Basic User”. You should be able to upload files now. You may need to log out & log back in for the changes to take affect.


@Brindley Any luck now that you’re upgraded?

Crickets… … …

@KX9M I suspect you were right about the demo license. Would have been nice to get a confirmation though.

We have upgraded and it still will not work i do not know if it is and issue with constraints or clearance etc?
logo large.tap (193.9 KB)
i have attached a file hopefully you can get an idea of what we are fighting.
Everything goes good in fusion 360 and it simulates fine but once pull over to mach 3 only pulls over some lines. But one thing on the 2d profile we do always get an error when we set up the hp portion of the logo saying that some constraints have been deleted but it still simulates the hp portion.
Thanks for all the help

I got an error running the logo large.tap file through gcode ripper…

I’m wondering which post processor you have tee’d up to do that process…

Also, I think you are using a 2x2 table. Is this one with a fixed z axis or do you have a powered z?

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The file shows up in NC viewer

Me too.

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I suggest exporting the fusion design to an .F3D file and post that here. That will tell us a lot about what’s going on.


Is the orange line what shows up in Mach 3 ?

Also looks like some of the lead ins are on the wrong side of the cut.

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It is a 2X2 table with fixed z axis.

Yes, that orange line is usually what pulls up in mach 3. We are using the demo one so maybe the 500 code limit is our issue. I am not sure how to export it to a .F3D file? We did break down and buy a new crossfire pro table with z axis maybe when that comes it will make this a little easier. Thank you guys again for the help we are newbies to this stuff.

Definitely your issue.

Good luck with the new pro

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Here you go… In F360 exporting to F3D is fairly simple…

Upper left corner LEFT CLICK:

LEFT CLICK “Export”:

Then, you should be able to name and save the file wherever you wish… !!

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