Lockformer 1000B Shakes and makes ripple edged cut on radius

This is from Rowe Sheet Metal Works in Arkansas where we run Vulcan 2013 and a Lockformer 1000B plasma table. We upgraded the controllers to Logosol LS-132-2010 and have everything working but the torch head shakes and causes ripples on the edges of radius cuts. Straight cuts are fine

Have you tried a straight cut on the diagonal ?

Maybe the issue is when your using one or more axis’s at a time?

I used a Lockformer brand pittsburge and flanger for years, great stuff.

The ripple cuts are definitely occurring when both X and Y axis’s are combining to cut curves.

Is it also occurring during a diagonal straight cut where both axis’s would also be engaged?

Genius! Really good question to ask. I tested diagonal straight cuts first thing this morning and there is no shaking - just smooth motion. In all 4 possible directions. So now I know the problem has to be in radius parameters? Its nice to narrow this down. Thanks!