Local tool library missing since update

Hello, I am hoping someone can help me with a tool library issue. Yesterday Fusion 360 updated and now there is nothing listed in the machine library when I try to create a CAM file. If I go under manage tools my machine is listed in there with all my setting however when I try to select it in setup nothing is listed. Any help would be appreciated since I have job waiting to be cut out for a guy!! Thank you!!

Same here. Wish Fusion would give us a heads up when making major changes. Did you find a solution for this? Thanks

I searched through the autodesk forum site and I did not see any chatter regarding the missing tools. So this may just be isolated to a few people .

this is the closest issue I could find

you could post a question at the autodesk fusion 360 forum site under manufacturing maybe one of the guru s over there may have some insight.

please post back if you get any results.

Mine were gone after update as well.

The other option you have is creating a cloud tool Library and then it’s safe from any local computer update issues.

Here’s another article that describes where your local tool library is located in our computers file tree.

I’ve never had my local tool Library disappear I’m wondering if it’s a case of having a “local” in a different file location on your computer then fusion 360 expects?

If you create a Cloud Library for your tools I’m guessing that will be the end of the update issues.