Linked constraints in my tool path (SOLVED)

Why are my cut lines offset from the body? First, can someone explain what exactly a linked constraint is ? I’ve played with lead in and peirce height and got the bolt holes in the path, but just cant seem to get ride of the offset


The line you are seeing is the toolpath. The offset is likely half the kerf width you have entered. If it set the tool path right at the edge of the part you would loose half your kerf width as a result.


The linked constraint error means that there is not enough room inside the geometery(in your case a hole) to fit the lead-in/lead-out and your kerf width.

To get it to fit you could eliminate the pierce clearance or reduce your lead in or change the geometric properties.


Erik said it all perfectly. You can see that it skipped the three smaller holes and your lead-in definitely will not fit into those smaller holes.

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You were dead on with the kerf, I missed a “0” when I entered it. A .55 kerf makes for a pretty wide cut. Thanks!